Challenges of recruitment in the Australian cyber security sector

There's a global shortage of cyber security staff, but Australia is one of the most affected countries. Let's take a look at the recruitment challenges.

It's well known in the technology and digital industry that there is a worldwide shortage of experienced cyber security professionals. This lack of staff has made the competition for good employees intense, with businesses being forced to leave positions unfilled, potentially compromising their security.

Unfortunately, many experts predict that this shortage is only going to continue, leaving plenty of companies vulnerable, even as cyber attacks become more common and much more sophisticated.

In fact, according to IBISworld, vacancies in the cyber security sector are expected to rise by 6 per cent annually over the next five years. Savvy recruiters and business leaders will be thinking about how they can avoid the ramifications of this skill scarcity, and to do so, they'll need to understand the reasons behind the trend.

Shortage of cyber security workers in Australia

There are a few key reasons behind the lack of cyber security professionals around the world. For starters, the specification isn't one that was that important to normal businesses a few years ago. In recent years, the only companies that needed to worry about cyber threats were government-associated or responsible for valuable information such as consumer credit card numbers. Since then, however, technology has become more sophisticated, and malicious cyber attacks are now far more common and much more precisely targeted.

Today, every business with a significant online presence or technological focus needs to be aware of the potential for cyber attacks, along with the peace of mind that their defence systems are capable of standing up to them. Underlining this, a recent Intel Security survey found that 44 per cent of Australian businesses feel as though they are a target.

This has led to a scramble for the best cyber security professionals, and while there is a global shortage of these skills, Australia is one of the countries that has been hit hardest. The same survey found that 88 per cent of Australian IT decision makers are finding it difficult to recruit cyber security experts, while 17 per cent also believed that vacant positions wouldn't be filled by 2020.

How to recruit cybersecurity staff

Fortunately, it's not all doom and gloom. If you're an IT candidate with cyber security skills, you can expect a higher salary and more offers on the table when it comes to looking at jobs. Every business is trying to work out how to recruit you, so as long as you maintain a good resume and can interview well, you'll be in with a solid chance of getting a great job.

For Australian businesses, the challenges are a little bigger. You don't just want to find a cyber security professional, you want one who is experienced enough to provide your business with the best protection possible. To assist, Talent has set up a dedicated Cyber Security Practice for Australia and New Zealand. Led by a team with extensive knowledge of the sector and plenty of network contacts, the practice aims to help identify and secure the services of high-performing cyber security experts, with a track record of results in the industry.

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