It’s a long way from Perth to Omaha

Last week along one of my regular flights between New York City and San Francisco I stopped off in the mid-west town of Omaha, and with good reason. Our CMO Melissa Brown and I had been invited by Gallup to their global head office for the combined Gallup and Clifton Strengths Summit. Whilst Gallup is generally associated with polling surveys they are in fact one of the world’s leading consulting firms in creating exceptional workplaces specialising in employee engagement and strengths based development.

Attending this event made me reflect on our incredible journey since launching Talent in Perth Western Australia back in 1995. We started with a determination to provide first rate service based around care, compassion and the desire to add unique value wherever possible. Over time we built a fantastic ground-breaking company across Australia thanks to the help of many amazing people who understood and connected to our vision to redefine recruitment. Along the way, we were fortunate to receive a good deal of recognition and awards for the way we approached our business.

Having accomplished many of our objectives, we decided in 2012 to undertake the next part of our vision, which was to take our distinct brand of recruitment to the rest of the world. Our global expansion started in NZ, followed by Asia, the UK, Europe and more recently the US. This strategy is one of the greatest challenges for any company – one which requires belief, nerve, planning and more time spent in an aircraft than an aerospace engineer. It has not been easy and there have been trials, sacrifices, unsuccessful ventures, and drama along the way. However, we have a group of people possessed with a strong sense of passion and purpose who are doggedly determined to bring our vision to fruition. 

Over the past month, something extremely satisfying has occurred. In our EMEA region, we were named as the Best IT Recruiter in the UK at the annual Recruiter Awards in London.

In NZ, Talent won the coveted Hi-Tech Award for Best Contribution to the New Zealand tech sector through our commitment, connection and contribution to the NZ Hi-Tech market. We were recognised as a company that is dedicated to making a real difference to the future and the people of New Zealand.

Which brings us to Omaha Nebraska, where we were thrilled to be acknowledged by Gallup as one of the Top 40 Best Companies to work for in the world, awarded in the presence of many inspiring organisations for “going after a bigger purpose and a stronger culture than most businesses ever imagine.” In addition, our New Zealand Country Manager, Bianca Jones, was a finalist for the Gallup Best Manager in the World award. All of these awards say something about the hard work and passion the global talent team commit to this business. This recognition is remarkable and we are all truly honoured! It is testament to the great work conducted by our leadership team in particular Mark Nielsen, Bianca Jones, Jon Butterfield and April Marcot our APAC Head of People and Culture.

I recognise that there is still a huge amount for us to do as we roll out our bold vision to redefine the world of recruitment, but all of these acknowledgements give us enormous encouragement that we are on the right track.

It sure is a long way from Perth to Omaha!