Ways to stay fit in the workplace

Have you ever considered how long you spend seated during your 9-5 working day? Chances are, it’s the majority of your time in the office. So when the 3 o’clock slump rolls around, you’re probably truly feeling it. With the proven benefits of exercise being increased productivity and improved mental wellbeing, why isn’t fitness in the workplace more commonplace? Let’s explore what you can do to drive a culture of fitness in your office and rake in these rewards. 


1. Perks vs benefits

Company perks are the latest buzzword, but with employees increasingly viewing them as nothing more than a gimmick, real, tangible benefits need to come from what they offer. That’s where health and wellness funds come in. Directing money into exercise initiatives such as yoga or gym classes will provide REAL fitness benefits to your workforce. Plus, with the enhanced productivity that comes from a workforce engaged in healthy activities, you will wish you had launched these programs sooner. 


2. Two is better than one

Get group activities going and turn them into a social team building event. This isn’t limited to your office, get the broader community involved as well! Your contractors and clients are just as important as your permanent employees, so invite them into your morning run club or meditation session. Not only will it strengthen social ties, but will also drive a culture of wellness and fitness that your company will be known for, helping you to attract talent. Team activities, like boxing or indoor soccer, are also great ways to let off some steam and relieve workplace stress. Plus, the added motivation of a group setting will give employees the push they need to achieve their fitness goals. 


3. Walk the talk

Sitting down for hours on end in back-to-back meetings can be tiring and mind-numbing. So, why not change it up a bit? Take the meetings to the outdoors! A walk in the fresh air will not only make for a more relaxed setting, but will also help you maintain a clearer mind, helping you make better decisions. Even better, these unconventional meeting styles can help you to keep on point as well. Being more alert and focused during your 9am meeting never went astray. Plus, the fitness benefits can’t be overlooked. Smash out company goals while smashing out that workout – it’s a win-win! 


4. Rise to the challenge

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Fitness challenges and comps are a great way to bring a little joy to a workout – which is never a bad thing! Get everyone in the office involved – some friendly competition is always fun, plus, it will help in developing a culture of health and fitness. Forming a workplace futsal team that plays competitively, or signing up for a fun run, are great ideas. With the support of an entire office behind you, what more motivation do you need? Not only will team comps help with team building, but will also help keep employees fit. Rewards are another surefire way to drive a culture of fitness in the workplace. Start a workplace exercise challenge that incentivises employees to get fit. In no time, people will be rising to the challenge.


5. Think outside the square

Take the lead and get creative – don’t wait for your manager or HR to come up with solutions. Start with your team and lead the way! Before you know it, the rest of the office will be following suit. Maybe it involves getting a few colleagues together to go for a walk during lunch, or encouraging your team to sign up for an exercise class together. Think of creative ways to get your team to squeeze a workout in. You just need to start somewhere. Momentum will build up, and soon the whole office will be on board.


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