Ways of working and keeping yourself competitive

We are living in uncertain times and the “world of work” is changing just as fast as the world around us. As a recruiter specialised in the Salesforce ecosystem, here are some of my observations of the current market, as well as my tips on how you can keep yourself or your business competitive during this time of rapid change.

Skills in demand

As we switch to a new way of working, the need for digital transformation and migration has seen significant growth. While there have been a number of projects placed on hold, once clients have re-aligned their digital strategy to stay competitive in this new market, I think we will start to see an increase in need for strong Salesforce developers and architects who are able to hit the ground running.

Candidates who are able to help businesses scale up quickly, not only save time but more importantly, cost which is the over-arching goal for all businesses in the current market. It is a great idea for candidates to continue to upskill themselves, whether it is through Trailhead, certification or on-line Salesforce webinars to ensure they don’t lose these skills, as well as keep competitive in a market that currently is experiencing a huge job shortage.

Who’s hiring?

A strong trend I have seen in the Salesforce ecosystem has been a number of financial services companies who have NOT placed their Salesforce projects on hold. This is for a number of reasons, but the common theme seems to be their commitment to be able to deliver their digital transformation in line with their original timeline. Deviating from original timelines can be costly, and for a number of these companies, they have already spent a huge amount on these transformations. By halting these projects, it will cause more damage than good in the current market.  

As companies continue to navigate this new way of working, I think the project space across all industries will start to pick back up and we will see a shift toward contract hires, particularly within the consulting industry. A number of Salesforce consultancies I am currently working with have several government clients, and there is still a need for strong technically-minded Salesforce individuals to be able to drive these transformations.

Candidate tips

My number one tip is to be actively engaging your network on Linkedin. It’s a great platform to share your achievements, such as the new certifications you have been able to obtain, and is also an excellent forum for discussion, for example, to share your tips on being able to pass a specific exam or asking your network how they have been able to solve a similar Salesforce query.

It’s also a great idea to actively engage in conversation with like-minded professionals and people who are constantly in the market, like recruiters. We are a great source of information about market trends and are always happy to have a conversation or help you update your CV.

You should also make sure your profile is up-to date and is open to opportunities. This may seem like a simple one but it makes a huge difference! You want to make sure you are being approached for the right roles that match your skillset.

Attract and retain your candidates

Great Salesforce talent can be hard to come by and retain in an ideal market, so in the current market of instability and uncertainty, it has never been more important to continue to attract and retain this talent. You want your existing talent to feel supported by maintaining open communication channels and keeping the conversations going. At Talent, we have been having frequent Zoom calls with our managers, as well as frequent updates from our senior team so we know exactly how we are tracking and what to expect.

If you are looking to attract new talent, offering some kind of job security/long-term commitment is a great way to attract candidates who are looking for a long-term opportunity, not just a short term fill-in, which will raise a different pool of issues down the track. By offering 6 month initial contracts, you may be able to gain greater buy-in from candidates as it demonstrates your commitment. Given the current climate, stability is worth more than gold.

A candidate’s perspective

As mentioned, candidates are looking for job security now more than ever. I have been speaking with a number of candidates who are constantly asking about the state of the market and have shared their desire to change roles if they are able to receive a higher level of job security. Providing this assurance of security is a sure fire way to attract new people to your company.

Another key theme in the candidate market currently, is the desire to upskill. A number of candidates have been using this time to get more badges on Trailhead, or to sit the exam that they never had time for previously. Continuous learning is a great way to show commitment to your role.

A client’s perspective

My clients are very interested in hearing about the general state of the market, as well as how their competition is faring and what they are doing to stay competitive. My advice is to be transparent about what you are doing as a company. You want to contribute to the culture of support that is prevailing in the current climate.

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