Working through COVID-19 Guide

At Talent, we are quickly adjusting our way of working to adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic, and we know our clients are too. With the situation changing hourly, and significant economic headwinds to deal with, it is a hugely difficult time to run a business and motivate a team.

We have developed this guide to assist our clients during this time, covering everything from our tips on managing remote teams, to navigating virtual hiring. We are still learning as we work through these uncertain times, however, these strategies have been working for us, and we hope that they can similarly provide you with some guidance.

Click here to download the Working through COVID-19 Guide for an in-depth look at: 

// How to effectively communicate internally
// How to manage a remote team
// Setting yourself up to work from home
// The importance of mental wellbeing
// Tools & tech to use when working from home
// How to manage outcomes, not hours
// Virtual hiring and induction
// Office hygiene & best practice