Contractor Wellbeing Report 21/22

​New research reveals that 1 in every 4 contractors feel that they don’t receive sufficient support from employers when it comes to their personal wellbeing according to a new report from Talent. Taking a deep dive into the wellbeing of the contingent workforce and their wellbeing, Talent is pleased to release ‘Contractor Wellbeing Report 21/22’. The report outlines findings from a survey of over 1,700 contractors across Australia, New Zealand, UK & US, working in the tech and digital market.

This research aims to provide a greater understanding of the changes that are shaping the future of work for IT and Digital contractors and to recognise the challenges they face, what motivates them, and what employers can do to support their professional and personal wellbeing. You can find the report HERE .

The report revealed the below key findings across all markets:

  • 1 in every 4 contractors we surveyed felt that they don't receive sufficient support from employers when it comes to their personal wellbeing

  • 49% felt that it was highly important to feel connected to their permanent teammates

  • 86% of contractors said that connecting to an employer’s mission/purpose was important/highly important

  • 32% of contractors felt that managing their time/ work-life balance was their greatest challenge

Mark Nielsen, Global CEO Talent, commented on the findings. “At Talent, we work every day to support technology contractors around the world. We understand that being a contractor means often missing out on the benefits, security and stability afforded to permanent employees. We see it as our role to step in and fill those gaps. The benefits of a highly engaged contractor workforce are immense. Engaged team members are more productive, provide better quality outcomes, and lead to greater profitability for a business. It’s a no-brainer, but something a lot of employers struggle to do.”

Darren Wells, CEO EMEA Talent, said: “Today’s world of work is evolving at an unbelievable pace – and contract work is in the spotlight. Contractors now make up over a third of the global workforce, and those numbers are only increasing. The organisations that are going to be truly successful in the years ahead, particularly those operating in the technology sector, are the ones that understand the contractor mindset and can create enticing value propositions and experiences.”

The report focuses on four key areas – belonging, remote working, purpose, and challenges.

The report also shares practical strategies that businesses can implement right now to help support their contractors.

Download our Contractor Wellbeing Report 21/22