Talent with Yahoo Finance Australia release the top 'Leaders Building a Better World of Work' list for 2022

Talent in partnership with Yahoo Finance Australia is pleased to release ‘Leaders Building a Better World of Work’, a brand-new list of leaders sharing their insights on what they are putting into action to make a better working world. You can view the list HERE

Featured in the list are Jennie Rogerson from Canva, Mary Haddock-Staniland from EverCommerce, Vanessa Sorenson from Microsoft NZ, and Paul Sigaloff from Yahoo! among others.

The list highlights a thought-provoking side of leadership and provides a comprehensive overview of what all businesses are experiencing in this post-COVID working world from some of the globe’s top leaders. Their insights and the actions they are putting into place provide readers with strategies and knowledge that they can take into the new world of work.

Mark Nielsen, Global CEO, Talent, touched on the role leaders play in creating a brilliant culture. “True leadership is forged through times of crisis and if there is one thing we have all experienced in the past two years is that the way we thought we did business has been turned on its head. The responsibility and demands from leaders have also changed dramatically, and a one-size-fits-all approach to work just doesn’t cut it. Work-life balance, clarity of purpose, a supportive manager, and inclusion are core focuses to team members. To remain competitive, leaders and businesses need to adapt to this new norm.”

The leaders touched on many different topics. Highlights included:

“Collaboration is everything. If you can’t build the business together with your employees, it will never succeed.” Vanessa Sorenson, Managing Director, Microsoft New Zealand

“A challenge and opportunity for companies is evolving leadership styles, rituals, and behaviours to enable businesses to transform into their future selves. Leaders will play a pivotal role in creating and reinforcing organisational culture, developing our people, and ensuring talent pools are identified and available.” Fiona Thompson, Group Executive, People, Culture & Advocacy, Suncorp

“For over two years, we’ve been dealing with the impact that living through a pandemic, social justice turning points and other factors have on how employees approach work each day. Companies that are proactive - inviting discussion, initiating events and programs, and providing other support - will enable their teams to not only feel safe to talk about things that in the past were not common practice in the workplace but to feel encouraged and welcomed to speak up.” Nicole Reid, People Experience, Xero

“A better world of work acknowledges that there is no ‘one size fits all’ that truly fits all. To be inclusive at work, is to be fundamentally flexible and dynamic, because that is also at the essence what we all are.” Deborah Choi, Managing Director, Founderland

Talent’s vision is empowering people to build a better world of work for all.