Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in New Zealand in 2022

​It’s a great time to be working in tech.

With New Zealand facing a candidate shortage, companies are locked in tight competition in a bid to secure top talent in this space. As a result, we have seen salaries soar as demand for skilled professionals reaches new heights.

So, with tech salaries at an all-time high, which ones are the highest paying? We break it down.

Here are the top 10 highest paying tech jobs in New Zealand in 2022*:

10.Technical Architect

Looking to the Auckland market, Talent recruitment expert, Shweta Chopra, shares that demand for architects is on the rise. “There have been recent mergers and acquisitions that resulted in large pieces of work consolidating and migrating data where architects play a key role.” This has seen demand for Technical Architects grow. Those in this role are tasked with utilising their knowledge of current business problems and future technological goals, to assist in the build, maintenance and implementation of new technology systems needed by the company.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $150k per year

Contract - $138 per hour

9. Solutions Architect

Responsible for aligning a company’s IT strategy with business goals, the Solutions Architect is tasked with identifying business needs and leveraging infrastructure, software, and systems to best meet these requirements. They should also possess strong communication skills to best implement new plans and goals, all the while bringing other departments along for the journey.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $150k per year

Contract - $138 per hour

8. Agile Coach

As agile methodologies continue to permeate the market, driven by businesses prioritising efficiencies, the role of the Agile Coach becomes increasingly important. Tasked with helping organisations, teams, and individuals adopt agile practices and methods, they are responsible for embedding agile values throughout the business. According to Avec Director of Delivery, Arne Gething, “We are seeing a huge increase in companies’ adoption of agile, with some reports showing increases of 80% -100% in uptake. Whatever the number, the trend is clear, and skills and experience are in short supply.”

The key takeaway? Hone your skills in agile and you’ll be in high demand.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $155k per year

Contract - $128 per hour

7. Business Intelligence Manager

Data is everything. Responsible for providing data solutions related to business strategies in their organisation, the Business Intelligence Manager oversees a group of analysts that use a variety of statistical methodologies to solve quantitative business issues and increase profitability. They play an integral role in company success, leveraging data to obtain new customer insights, improve processes, and guide business decision-making.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $158k per year

Contract - $130 per hour

6. Cloud Architect

With cloud-based technologies evolving, and the increasing dependence on these systems for information storing and sharing, the role of the Cloud Architect becomes increasingly important. Responsible for the supervision of a company’s cloud infrastructure, they should possess skills in cloud computing, solution architecture and software development.

Shweta Chopra delves into the increasing uptake of cloud technologies amongst NZ businesses “Organisations are in the process or embarking on the journey of migrating to public cloud platforms – Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.” What has this meant for candidates skilled in this space? “We are seeing increased demand for architects across cloud, data and security in NZ.”

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $160k per year

Contract - $135 per hour

5. Development Manager

Responsible for developing growth strategies and plans for the business, the Development Manager is the point of contact between customers and management, working to marry customer needs with business strengths. However, it isn’t only about possessing the technical know-how. Shweta Chopra shares that leadership skills are just as important, “In our current candidate short market, there is a strong emphasis on softer skills, with someone that can inspire and help bring teams closer together”.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $170k per year

Contract - $123 per hour

4. PMO Manager

The Project Management Office (PMO) Manager is responsible for overseeing the entire process of completing a project, from design to materials acquisition to final presentation, and is responsible for building and coordinating a project team. According to Talent Wellington recruitment expert, Nik King-Turner, “in Wellington, the market has been strong across all project-related roles both permanent and contract”, highlighting the growing demand for professionals in this space.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $174k per year

Contract - $145 per hour

3. Security Architect

Increasingly necessary to an organisation in the years ahead are Security Architects, management-level professionals who oversee the security of an organisation's network. Talent’s Nik King-Turner delves into the growing demand of those with security skillsets in Wellington, “The security field has been in strong demand due to the fact that teams are working remotely and are potentially vulnerable to security issues. We are seeing a lot of Security Architecture roles that need cloud experience and system experience, mainly for highly regulated and complex organisations that deal with a lot of personal customer data”.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $174k per year

Contract - $145 per hour

2. Enterprise Architect

A technology agnostic mindset is key for the second highest paying tech job on this list - the Enterprise Architect. Tasked with ideating strategies in response to emerging technologies and their impact on the industry, Enterprise Architects need to be at the top of their game when it comes to being aware of the latest trends in tech.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $176k per year

Contract - $148 per hour

1. Programme Manager

Responsible for overseeing designated projects for their company, the Programme Manager is tasked with planning and developing strategy, including defining the goals and timeline for the projects they supervise. According to Talent Auckland recruitment expert, Hassana Kirkwood, “to be a successful programme manager you need to be experienced in both leading complex teams and projects and be adaptable to constant change.” Possess this business expertise and you’re one step closer to success in this position.

Expect to earn (NZ average):

Permanent - $178k per year

Contract - $155 per hour

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* Excluding C-Suite roles

Permanent salaries are exclusive of superannuation